Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Were Baaaaaacccck!!!!

So it has been forever since I have blogged, and you guessed it, forever since I had done a P90X workout. So tonight I got back on the ball and am starting at day 31 - did Back and Bicep and ARX, and was pretty pleased with the reps and weight that I was able to do despite the time off.

Life has been hectic with a 4 month old and a 2-1/2 yr. old, but being that I was just recently laid off due to the downward spiralling economy (wife is still laid off as well :) )we have figured now is the time to take advantage of a little more free time an flexibility of schedule to get back on track with our P90X.

I have been following along with many of you and your terrific progress, and it has definitely helped me to keep my goals within reach. My weight is actually down a few pounds since day 30 of P90X, mostly from my cycling training.

The plan is for both of us to try to make time for 2 workouts a day - likely one workout outside or at the club doing a class (we did STRIKE! yesterday which is a cardio kickboxing class with weighted gloves and a weighted bar - was lots of fun and definitely worked some new muscles) and then later in the day we will do P90X at home once kids are in bed. Jess is motivated to possibly do a 3rd workout somewhere in there as well....after watching the Biggest Loser all season I think she is the new "Tara" - I'm very proud of her for the enthusiasm and just pray that she sees some results from her hard work so that she is encouraged to keep it going. In the first 30 days she did not get much for results, but I am thinking it was mostly due to her just recovering from baby #2, lack of good sleep, and breastfeeding - lots for a body to adjust to, so hopefully now things will be different (baby is sleeping better and not wanting to be breast fed) so we will see what happens in this next 30 days!

Hope to have many more updates in the days to come - and hoping to get a blister on that pointer finger from pushing play so often!!!


  1. Okay first of all...I want to give a HUGE pat on the back to Jess! I can't imagine trying to take on P90X with a 2 year old a new baby, hardly any sleep WHILE breastfeeding! She IS the new Tara! I'm just sitting here like "WHHHAAAAAA???" How could/can she POSSIBLY find time to fit in two or even three workouts in a day? Superwoman here is your cape!! :o)
    Secondly I want to be the FIRST to say that YOU GUYS NEED TO JOIN THE COACH WAGON!
    Seriously..if both of you are without employment right now, that is the OPTIMAL time to hop over to coach status and start turning your fitness success into financial success! It is SOOOO easy. I just did it and I was so overwhelmed and worried that it was going to be hard and time consuming and complicated...but it is SO NOT. Since you guys have the freedom to spend more time on something like this right, it's the perfect time to sign up! I bet Jess knows plenty of other mom's who could benefit from one of BB's amazing programs! I find that many mom's don't have the "X-ness" requried for P90X (or the time) but most of them DO have what it takes for P90 or even Slim in 6...and by the end of summer, they can be proud of their post-baby bodies again! Anyway, I know I sound like an infomercial...I don't mean to...but you know how it is when you finally try something and realize how great it is! (like P90X) you want everyone else to jump into it with you! Well..that's where I am with the coaching right now! Consider it! If you have any ?'s...holler!
    Congratulations on coming back to the blog and P90X world! THAT is the key to success--always coming back!
    I look forward to reading more posts in the future!

  2. Thanks Jen for your comments, and it has been weighing on my mind, the whole idea of getting into coaching. I might look into taking some classes on personal training and/or life coaching to see what I think about it. I feel like my success story is not yet complete until I'm a P90X grad and have some pics and stats to show for my work. Would definitely be cool to some day have a small fitness/whole foods spa, where you do weekend or week long intensive boot camps - showing people how to work out and eat correctly, not just teaching, but actually having them do it for themselves.

    Anyone up for starting a new company that will sweep the nation?