Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 2: Off to a great start!

So Monday was Chest and Back and for some reason I just couldn't match the numbers from week 1, not sure if I just wasn't fueled right for the work-out or what??

Tuesday went to the gym and did speed/incline work on the treadmill along with a full leg workout of squats, lunges, ham curls, quad extensions. Man am I ever feeling it in the glutes from the squats!! I did my squats with free weights instead of a machine and that made a huge difference - way harder.

Today is shoulders/arms and I'll be doing that workout this afternoon - and hopefully can match or improve on last week.

Still trying to improve my nutrition - it's really pretty good about 90% of the time, but that last 10% just beats me down. I really need to register for another event of some sort as I always seem more motivated when I know that I'm training for a race. Problem is I'm in Minnesota and there are so many fewer things going on in the off-season - especially in the longer endurance category.

I'm done chatting...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 1: Chest and Back

I missed you Tony!!

OK, so at times I was not so happy, but I had missed the feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing up a session - especially anything upper body related for me as that is my weakness. NOT FOR LONG!

Jessica and I did great considering it has been a long did help knowing what kind of pain we would be in for, so atleast we knew it would be over eventually! ARX was great! I kept up, but need to improve the leg positioning with Fifer Scissors and Pulse Ups.

Hopped on the bike for a little afterwards...we've been getting snow and major cold temps - hopefully by the weekend I'll be able to get outside for 30-40 miles - we shall see!

Off season training begins - P90X again?!

So, I never finished an actual first round of P90X, but this summer has been busy with lots of other things - Bike races, Triathlons, Marathon, classes at the club, and wrestling "Kung Fu Panda" style with my 3 year old. Both Jessica and I are still unemployed, but praise God! We have had our needs met at every turn and sometimes I almost feel bad that I'm enjoying being out of work so much :)

Tomorrow we are starting P90X again with the infamous Chest and Back along with ARX - our diets have improved a ton since the last time around - very clean! I have dropped down to 172 pounds and am currently at 8.5% bodyfat based on what the trainer at the club measured. I am planning to do P90 for my upper body, but will be doing interval/circuit training exercises at the club for my legs - alot of squats and lunges along with sprints on the treadmill. For base cardio I will be doing 1 day a week of a brick workout either combining swim/bike or bike/run.

I've enjoyed following along with those of you that have been sticking with it, and am excited to get going on P90 again - this time with the fortitude to complete a full round. Goals for me are going to be mainly increased power output overall - and the vanity goal is to see more definition overall. I'm really hoping that my offseason training will help me with my goals next summer of qualifying for Boston Marathon (ran a 3:31 this October, need to run 3:15) as well as getting a top 15 finish in one of next seasons triathlons (best finish was 43rd/221)

I'll do my best to keep posting and please do give me any encouragement along the way - it is greatly appreciated!!