Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 2: Off to a great start!

So Monday was Chest and Back and for some reason I just couldn't match the numbers from week 1, not sure if I just wasn't fueled right for the work-out or what??

Tuesday went to the gym and did speed/incline work on the treadmill along with a full leg workout of squats, lunges, ham curls, quad extensions. Man am I ever feeling it in the glutes from the squats!! I did my squats with free weights instead of a machine and that made a huge difference - way harder.

Today is shoulders/arms and I'll be doing that workout this afternoon - and hopefully can match or improve on last week.

Still trying to improve my nutrition - it's really pretty good about 90% of the time, but that last 10% just beats me down. I really need to register for another event of some sort as I always seem more motivated when I know that I'm training for a race. Problem is I'm in Minnesota and there are so many fewer things going on in the off-season - especially in the longer endurance category.

I'm done chatting...


  1. I'm itching for a race too! I'm in PA so I have a few more choices, but that is definitely very few. Nutrition is my nemesis too... good luck with it! I just keep trying even when I fall off the wagon. Not much else we can do! Except of course not falling off the wagon... :) I'll get there eventually!

  2. Hi Trav & Jess -

    I found your P90X blog through other P90X blogs. I just wanted to say keep up the work - I know that it can be hard when you're not matching week 1...check what you ate - that's most likely the culprit. Can't wait to see how your results turn out!

    A Fellow P90Xer,