Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 1: Chest and Back

I missed you Tony!!

OK, so at times I was not so happy, but I had missed the feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing up a session - especially anything upper body related for me as that is my weakness. NOT FOR LONG!

Jessica and I did great considering it has been a long did help knowing what kind of pain we would be in for, so atleast we knew it would be over eventually! ARX was great! I kept up, but need to improve the leg positioning with Fifer Scissors and Pulse Ups.

Hopped on the bike for a little afterwards...we've been getting snow and major cold temps - hopefully by the weekend I'll be able to get outside for 30-40 miles - we shall see!


  1. No way! You can actually ride your bike in your house? I am completely ignorant of all thinks biking-related...but that is super cool.
    Okay...that pic looks great. I don't know if I am not remembering clearly or what...but it seems like you have lost quite a bit of weight!!?? You look like the PERFECT "before" pic for P90X. My hubby and I used to look at peoples before pics and say "Man! I just want to look like THAT!" You are already clearly very lean and fit. After this round of P90X, you will also be super-ripped!
    Day 1 down...just 89 more to go! :o)

  2. A good cycling trainer is a great investment - I had one since last year, and bought another through Craigslist for my wife for 150.00 - if you are looking you want to get a "fluid" trainer, not a "wind" or "magnetic" trainer. It is low impact, you can keep tabs on the kids, watch a movie with them, and stay in a good fat burn heart rate range for a solid hour or more.
    I've lost about 15 pounds since I stopped doing P90X and just did my triathlon training, but now I'm looking to just "maybe" lose 5-7 pounds to be at 165 and looking to "get ripped" like you said :)