Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 25: Stretch day

So today is supposed to be a stretch day but I'm going to do cardio instead since I missed it on Monday. I did Kenpo last night, and honestly even though I try hard to turn those hips and get the abs engaged and get the legs up high...I just don't feel like I get a great workout. I know that there are probably a number of things that I could do to make the workout more intense, like weighted gloves or light dumbells....does anybody have suggestions? anyone else have the same issue?

The Girl Scouts are evil......a friend of ours dropped off the boxes that we had ordered......pre P90X, not that we would have said no....the Girl Scouts will hunt you down if you diss them. And rather mysteriously half of them vanished - I have been afraid to look up the calories.....

So, I decided to add a column in my training log....excel spreadsheet that I set up, to give myself an eating grade for each day. The last few days I've given myself a C and a D for cheating and giving in to either the sweet tooth, or too many carbs.

I'm going to make it my main goal to be able to report A's and B's going forward-

Does anyone want the rest of these thin mints????

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  1. I've heard more "whining" about the temptation of Girl Scout cookies than anything ever before lately! ha ha My hubby did bring home a box from work of Thin Mints. Luckily...that is not even REMOTELY tempting to me. Now, if that were a box of Krispy Kreme's---I'd be done for.
    Anyhow, that is a Great idea about your excel worksheet and your eating grade!
    As for the question you asked me about mine and hubby's calorie intake---we really aren't keeping track of it this round of the X. We were pretty strick when we did our first round and lost quite a bit of weight..but this time I just can't seem to get as motivated-maybe since we are almost where we want to be with our weights now. I watch mine more closely than Matt does, for sure. He eats a bit more carbs than I do--but he works a very strenuous labor-intensive job all day long. From my experience, I would definitely suggest keeping your carbs as low as possible while still maintining adequate energy to complete your daily tasks and work outs. Keep them healthy too...a honey bun with 200 calories and a couple of whole grain slices of toast at 200 calories are SO NOT equal. :o)