Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 21 - Alot of catch-up

So we finished week 3!

Jessica did 3 workouts today, I did 2 so we could get everything in - this is not the way to do P90X and we need to both do better at sticking to the schedule. For starters it will provide a better result, and secondly I think it's just less stressful and hectic - it's tough getting home from church knowing the rest of your sunday is packed full with working out in front of the TV.

Christian does make the time go by fast by entertaining us either by playing his guitar and singing made up songs, or by joining in on the workouts with his weights!

Our basement level is an array of weights, road bikes and the kids toys - sometimes lunges involve stepping over legos, racecars and traintracks.
So we are about 1/4 done and though no major physical differences we have both been doing more reps with more weight. So we feel like we are on the right track!
We will see how this first phase recovery week goes, any tips out there for our last week of Phase 1???

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  1. Wow---2 and 3 workouts in one day!! That's a LOT! You guys are serious aboutt this!
    I hear ya about stepping over toys while lunging. I'm usually stepping over nerf darts and dog toys. We make the kids pick up their toys...but the dogs don't listen as well! ha ha