Friday, February 27, 2009

A strange week so far!

Seems like we have both been going non-stop, and it has been challenging getting workouts to fit in. Jess has been doing pampered chef parties and I've been helping our neighbor remodel a bathroom on top of everything else.

Monday was Chest and Back - I skipped it, but ended up doing it on Thursday morning - Jess did it on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday was Plyo - we both did an evening spin class for an hour, and I did Plyo afterwards - major burnage!!! I don't think Jess has done the Plyo as of yet.

Wednesday was Shoulders & Arms - again - skipped it, but did it this (Friday) morning.

Thursday was Yoga, again skipped it, but plan is to do Cardio instead over the weekend.

Tonight is Legs and Back - and we will for sure have to do it tonight to fight to get back on track.

Diet has been OK, but not the best - still having a tough time not just falling into the routine of cereal for breakfast - I must admit I love it when I take the time to make turkey patties or egg scramble, but sometimes it comes down to not having those extra 10 minutes.

I'm going to try to pre-make some things this weekend to make next week a really strong eating week before moving into Phase 2.

To Jessicas credit, she has been going to the club and doing other exercise classes most every day - it's actually harder for her to do it at home with me as Adri (2 months) doesn't giver her much of a break until after 10:00 at night, and by then she is exhausted, especially if she already did a couple of hours of workouts earlier in the day!

I think it might work better when Adri is 3 months and we can bring both kids to the club for an hour or so and just do our workouts there....we will see...she will also get easier and easier as she gets into a better sleep schedule.

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