Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 11: Yoga-----Cardio X instead

So I'm feeling much better - I'm officially a fan of NyQuil now!

Jessica did her Shoulders & Arms workout this morning (make-up) and then did step aerobics with our neighbor at the club when I got home from work. When she got home I went down to do my Plyo (make-up), and then about an hour later after ER and the kids were tucked in we did Cardio-X for the first time.

Just the right balance of Yoga, Kenpo, Plyo and Core - favorite burn was definitely my obliques while doing wacky jacks. We will definitely be doing more Cardio-X, probably should be doing it 2 times a week. We are doing the Classic program and probably should be doing Lean to burn more calories----as soon as the Minnesota weather starts to improve we will both be out biking a few days a week so that will help burn those calories.

I plan to do 2 workouts tomorrow to get all caught up this week - I must admit that I had to take in a few extra carbs the last 2 days being sick, nothing really bad, just Kashi cereal and english muffin, but boy oh boy after going a few days with only one serving of carb, my body sure did respond well to it. Best advice: go slowly when taking carbs away from your body or body gets MAD!

Looking forward to Friday - and a great weekend!


  1. I hear ya on the carbs...I had to do the same thing when I got sick...good serving of Pei Wei really put me back on track. Had to do the same thing today after a week of 10 hr/day training. (sitting in a grey colored room)...ahhhhhh. ZzZzZzZz...CARBS!!!!

  2. A comment on the Recovery Drink...After Shock from Myogenix is great! Matches close to the P90X and is less expensive. I also use Dymatyze (sp?) Elite Protein Powder.

  3. Thanks for the recovery drink information I will have to see where I can get it.