Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 3: Shoulders and Arms

Tonight we celebrated my fathers B-day and thusly we both took in about 400 calories of cake and ice cream that we wouldn't have otherwise consumed - so we needed this workout if for no other reason to redeem ourselves.

Started out very sore throughout the shoulders, but started loosening up as went and actually feel pretty good at the moment, just finished up recovery drink and some water - all is well!

Ab Ripper X flew by tonight - Jess wasn't loving the idea of doing it but she conquered that thought and gave it her best effort, which is always enough - I must say I'm excited to be half way through the week, and am sooooooo looking forward to our Sunday rest day!

Tomorrow will be Yoga-X and I have heard of so many people that dislike it due to the difficulty of some of the moves, and others say they sweat buckets, so who knows.....we will find out tomorrow.

Time to get to bed - sweet dreams.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jess...sometimes if you can conqure the battle in your mind...the rest comes way easier! I know sometimes I am struggling more with whats going on in my head than what I'm doing physically. One thing that motivates that I WILL NOT let my body tell me what it's going to do. I am in control, not it. :o)
    Way to go for pushing through even when you didn't feel like it!! That's what it takes to be an "X'er"!!