Tuesday, February 10, 2009


OK, so these are not the type of photos that one wants to post of themselves on the internet, but in order for us to remain motivated and hopefully motivate others on their journey it is time to bite the bullet (only 5 calories)
Jessicas starting weight is 197 and Travis is 194.
We will update weekly with pics and weight to see what happens!!!
Feeling good so far and looking forward to tonights workout.

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  1. Ya'll are going to be AMAZED at what this program is going to do to your body!!! Just remember...the Nutrition is EVERY BIT as important as the work outs!! People tend to forget that but its CRUCIAL!!!
    Lots of lean meat, fresh veggies and fruit. Just think..."nothing that comes from a box". :o)
    And also remember this: 90 days flies by fast--whether you're doing this or not--so might as well be looking and feeling better at the end of it than being just the same. YOU CAN DO IT!!!