Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 5: Legs & Back

OK, so I didn't get up and ride my bike this morning - actually I barely got out of bed in time to make it to my I ran most of the way there which seemed like a good workout compared to the great dream I was having only 10 minutes earlier.....

Jess made it to her class and had a good ab workout so she took off the Ab Ripper X tonight.

This certainly seemed like the easiest workout, but everytime I go and think something like that I wake up the next morning, or the second day after and I'm puttin' my foot in my mouth.

Oh well, to some degree the more it hurts the more I feel like somethings working then, like maybe new muscles are forming and fat is melting.

So we had good luck with both of the kids being good and were able to get the workout done before 7:00 which is a nice change....I know that it won't happen this way very now we are off to buy more food - still getting used to the idea of shopping more often since the fruits and veggies dont last long and we're going through them more quickly then before starting the program.

Tomorrow is kenpo and that should be a fun one to end the week on - then we'll be off for an evening out while G-parents take care of the kids for a few hours.


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