Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 8: Chest and Back

We are at the beginning of another exciting sweaty week. Jess did 2 different ab intensive workouts during the day so she skipped Ab Ripper X, but did a great job with todays Chest & Back workout. I think we are both getting accustomed to the effort level this takes and are finding that our energy levels stay fairly high throughout the day since we are eating good food and at regular intervals.

I upped the weight from 35 to 42 pound dumbells for the heavy pants and lawnmowers and did 10/15 reps respectively which I was happy with. I lost 5 pounds the first week, and will be ecstatic if I can lose 3-4 this week to keep the momentum going.

I did not get up this morning to do any cardio - I was up until 11:30 preparing food for the few days ahead - so we will see if I can do better tomorrow morning!

Well....had my delicious strawberry flavored recovery drink and think it's time for bed - I must say I go all day just waiting for that recovery drink!!!!

No cheating on the diet this week since there are no birthday parties to go to and no Valentines day - maybe I can lose another 5 come to think of it....we will see!


  1. Hey! TERRIFIC advice regarding the Yoga. That is KEY I think--not to think of it as a work out--but more as a recovery! Thanks!
    As for recovery drinks...I don't drink 'em. My hubby likes the P90X recovery drink and has it after every work out...but me..I don't care for it a whole lot, can't see that it does me any good AND I can't stand EVER drinking my calories! My theory for sore, aching, tired muscles--is ANOTHER WORK OUT! ha ha..but really..when I'm hurting..the best thing I can do is work out and release all that built up tension! You guys are doing great! I'd love to find out what kind of recovery drinks other people like. Maybe I just haven't tried the right one. I do LOVE Muscle Milk...but it's SO high in calories, that I don't have it but every so often as a treat. I do try to have some kind of protien after my work outs though--either a protien shake made with Wal-Mart's whey protien, a protein bar (Pure Protien) or else something like a turkey or chicken breast or something.

  2. Also, I meant to say...ANYTIME I can incorporate some time with God into my work outs (or relaxation) is a plus. Got to work on my spirit man JUST as much as my physical body!
    Ps. I see your fav. books over there on the side bar. We have a few in common!