Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Total Soreness

So, can I go back to last night when I was actually feeling pretty good after a tough workout - NO?

Bummer....I thought I was going to be feeling good this morning, but oh no, total soreness came and beat me up in the middle of the night, leaving me in pain from head to toe. We have Shoulders & Arms workout today as our main entree, with Ab Ripper X served up for dessert.

I have not previewed the S&A dvd so we will be going into it blind - I can only hope that my arms don't fall off.

Debating on how to get more calories in the daily diet, so far I'm averaging just over 2,000 cal. but I should be closer to 2,400-2,900 range. I could start drinking a protein shake or two during the day just to bump it up, but I worry about how my stomach will handle it.

Probably going to just keep going the way I am to finish out Week 1 and then test a new strategy in Week 2 - Tony talks muscle confusion, I'm talkin' digestion confusion!

Fellow "X" ers, be sure to bring it!

1 comment:

  1. Trav, I wouldn't worry too much about your calorie intake--as far as getting enough. If you're getting at least 2000, I would think that will suffice most days. Just be sure to get those calories from protien rich, fiber rich foods. Healthy carbs...ones that will actually FUEL you and not weigh you down.
    You guys are doing GREAT!!! Keep up the good work!! S&A's is one of my favorite work outs!